Use Case

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A minimum viable product (MVP) is the initial feature that can provide enough value for the early customers. The goal is to gain enough feedback from the early adopters that will help guide the future development of the product.

This is a great philosophy to follow, but the journey to creating an MVP is challenging and can take many months. What if you can find the early adopters and shape the MVP without writing a line of code?

Prodtype Ledger is the visual way to planning and maintaining your product.

Shaping the MVP has many steps, but the most important one is getting feedback from your early adopters.

Prodtype Ledger helps guide this process by sketching the scenarios to share with your early adopters to get the feedback that will shape the MVP. Below is an example of how early adopters will shape Prodtype Ledger.


  1. Adding the scenarios
  2. Sketching the scenario
  3. Getting feedback
  4. Presenting

1. Adding scenarios

prodtype ledger add scenario

2. Sketching the scenario

prodtype ledger sketch scenario

3. Getting feedback

prodtype ledger feedback

4. Presenting

prodtype ledger present 1 prodtype ledger present 2

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